We are currently licensed by the American Kennel Club to hold Specialty Shows.

We are a diverse group of folks with one thing in common; we all love Samoyeds.

Variously, we enjoy pack hiking, agility, conformation showing, obedience, herding,
sledding, therapy, weight pulling and many other activities with our Samoyeds. We all love
snuggling on the couch with our "Sammy ".

If you share our love of the Samoyed breed, you might be interested in joining our group!
A.C.S.C was established in 1995.
Our club's mission is to involve people in the general Frederick MD. area on
all that is wonderful about owning, caring for and working with the Samoyed.

The Samoyed makes an excellent family pet and companion. A working breed,
they are happy to participate in therapy, sledding and herding activities.
A.C.S.C. encourages responsible dog ownership.
We strive to educate all interested on the appropriate care of the Samoyed.
We promote and educate members on responsible breeding practices.
Healthy dogs that are clear of known genetic diseases and come close to the
standard set forth by our parent club, The Samoyed Club of America, are the
only dogs used in breeding programs. We recommend obedience training
and other specific activities, such as Agility, to enrich your life with your
Samoyed. A good number of members show their dogs at A.K.C. sanctioned
dog shows.
Mostly, we look to support you to guarantee your success as a dog owner and
the full rich life,  of your beloved Samoyed.